Data Engineering

We have nearly ten years of experience in working with large volume of disparate data with varying speeds to perform Complex Event Processing, execute State Machine, to perform system observability, build graphical relationships, and to build and visualize reports.


We have experience in building solutions using IaaS, Data, database and infrastructure migration. We also have experience in multi-cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud. We have architected, designed and developed data lake solutions, created data pipeline and utilized wide range of cloud services.


We have experience in building IoT middleware for supply chain, automobile and telecom. One of our consultant is a CTO of a company which makes smart locks which has integration with cloud and mobile app. We have experience in IoT devices, firmware, gateways, middleware, cloud integration and mobile integration.


We have experience in developing CI/CD pipeline using SonarQube, docker, docker compose, ECS/EKS, AWS build pipeline, terraform and AWS SSM. We started our carrier with system programming and networking and have deep understanding of network concepts like load balancing, routing, network interfaces and reverse proxy.