Vizeet has worked with me on a few projects related to AWS Cloud involving Database migration, IaaS and build pipeline. He has strong programming skill and he learns new technology quickly which helped us deliver the projects.

Muffaddal Kanorwala

TechProf Ltd, UK

Vizeet is open and intelligent. He has deep understanding of Cloud technologies. He has guided our team in adopting Cloud technologies for log analytics, master data management, API routing, complex event processing, visualization and reporting. It has helped overall performance of the system and improve customer experience.

Amit Didwania

YuTu Technologies, Bangalore, India

Vizeet worked with me for a few data engineering assignments and did commendable job. He has great ability to understand business problem and write programs for data preparation, real time data analysis and visualization. He is a quick learner and has demonstrated his skills in data engineering including hadoop, python and spark in multiple assignments.

Sanjay Chaturvedi

xForm Solutions, Bangalore, India